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It's all about Light

Photography isn't about cameras, lenses, or studio equipment -- it's about controlling and capturing light. For those who know how to see it, find it, and manipulate it, the equipment is merely a tool.

  • Ben Jones


    On an overcast Saturday morning in the spring of 2009 I bought my first real camera.

    As I walked back home from the shop, I had a moment of buyer's remorse and could almost see the spot on the shelf in my closet where this expensive toy might end up, next to all the other gadgets I had bought on impulse.

    I made a promise to myself that either I would make myself learn how to use the damn thing, or I would return it to the shop within the 30-day return period.

    I spent that entire weekend taking bad photos and realizing that I was in way over my head. I packed up the camera and started back towards the shop to return it when I happened across a yard sale. On a table was a stack of over one dozen photography class text books, I purchased the lot for $25 and took them home and started reading. These vintage texts were about photography before the age of digital and became my primer into how light works and how cameras and lenses can be used to capture it. My passing impulse became an obsession and now, years later, it is still the one thing I love to do more than almost anything else.

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There is something beautiful about every individual, whether they know it or not. My goal is to uncover at least one of those things that makes a person unique.


There is magick in the world, sometimes you just have to look closely.


Years ago I discovered a phenomenon about certain objects. Many things give off a local echo of the energy of those who have owned them.





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